MetaTrader™ NJ4X API gives you the power to build sophisticated, multi-account, network-distributed Forex applications in Java or .Net. Try it for free and decide on paid plan satisfying your needs the best.






Price Free $99 $499 $899
Number of installations   5+ Unlimited Unlimited
Number of terminals   32 Unlimited Unlimited
Java/C# Sources    
C++, MQL sources      
Developer's Support      
E-mail & Chat support, Free upgrades

Delivery Procedure

Please review our Return Policy before purchasing any of JFX-API products.

Premium Offer

All JFX API sources, project files and build instructions will be sent to you by e-mail. You are also getting extended developer's support to be able to smoothly integrate JFX API into your application.

Professional Offer

Unlimited version of the JFX API + Java sources will be sent to you by e-mail.

Personal Offer

I'm sending to you jfx_activation_key value by e-mail (alternatively you can get it on the site) for any of your Windows™ machines you've bought Personal License for.

Those machines are identified by BOXID, which you are getting from the warning message similar to this:

20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | *************************************************************************
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | Ask for 'nj4x_activation_key' for your box: id=1128320414
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | JFX functionality is limited: API methods will respond in random delay.
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | *************************************************************************

jfx_activation_key then can be set then directly in your Java Application :

System.setProperty("nj4x_activation_key", "1243435406")
.. or from the JVM argument:
java -Dnj4x_activation_key=1243435406 -jar yourApp.jar

Read detailed guide here.

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