Forex trading Java / .Net API

Easy way to build mechanical trading systems in Java or C#

Use Java or .Net to connect to Meta Forex brokers

(legally and reliably on your own infrastructure)


You can develop mechanical trading system in pure Java or C# programming language, while other languages are still available to build custom indicators (if needed).

You can also use NJ4X™ library to maintain simultaneous connections to multiple of Forex brokers from a single/multiple network-distributed Java/.Net application(s), get quotes, do trading, call standard/custom indicators etc. 

Debugging tools for any language are invaluable - NJ4X™ allows you to speed up development by spotting errors in your code and potential pitfalls that might happen.

"Personal" price plan requires you to license only Windows machines which are running NJ4X Terminal Server (Note: it is also possible to run NJ4X TS under the Linux/WINE environments).

Trade with different data sources analysed.


Basing your trading strategies on ..

  • In-depth analysis of the real-time ticks of different brokers/data sources (e.g. DukasCopy, LMAX, TradingView).
  • Reliable signal providers' events.
  • High-end development technologies (like LMAX disruptor)

.. make your applications blazingly fast

  • By applying non-blocking ticks processors design
  • Executing independent tasks (position analysis, logging, GUI reflection) in parallel
  • Simplifying overall program structure
  • By going away from a single trading context limitation of the some Forex platforms, i.e. multiple orders of the same account are executed in parallel.