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Professional Offer

Unlimited version of the NJ4X API + client library source code will be available for download.

Personal Offer

>>>Detailed guide<<<

You'll be able to get jfx_activation_key at the downloads page of this site for any of your Windows machines you've bought Personal License for.

Those machines are identified by BOXID, which you are getting from the warning message similar to this:

20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | *************************************************************************
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | Ask for 'nj4x_activation_key' for your box: id=1128320414
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | JFX functionality is limited: API methods will respond in random delay.
20 17:21:26 | pool-2-thread-1 | WARN | *************************************************************************

jfx_activation_key then can be set then directly in your Application, e.g.

System.setProperty("nj4x_activation_key", "1243435406")
.. or from the JVM argument:
java -Dnj4x_activation_key=1243435406 -jar yourApp.jar
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